Soaking up the Sun!

This past winter break, I was able to travel to Southern California!

California beaches are my favorite places to SEA ;). There is something about the calm ocean waves and rays of sunshine hitting your face that makes me never want to leave. I was really able to reflect on life and set some goals for this year. Since we visited in December, all the beaches were empty. Everything about a secluded beach is perfect. I am from the Midwest so having weather in the mid 60s with no humidity in December is my ideal temperature!

I made a short clip of my travels. Please be sure to view the video in HD/high res. I created it using iMovie and had some issues with resolution quality. If anyone knows of tricks to export please share them below! I would greatly appreciate it going forward.

I am extremely passionate about capturing memories. Creating travel videos and photo collages are some of my favorite pastimes. Going forward, I hope to be able to explore the world and capture it using my own lens.

As for California, I will definitely be back!

Here is my video: