New Endeavors

I took a break from blogging to reflect on some business ideas I have had. I recently decided to venture into the craft market. I have always enjoyed arts and crafts growing up and now I am finally ready to make it more than just a hobby!

I jumped on the bandwagon and decided to purchase a Cricut machine. This machine really is revolutionizing the scrapbooking community! From making birthday cards to custom t-shirts, this machine can really do it all. Before this machine, I cut everything out by hand and used stencils. Now, with the help of this machine, I am able to do it all in seconds.

I will be launching a small business using this website and my Instagram to showcase some of my products! My goal is to create cards, banners, clothing and small prints, to cater to a wide array of folks. Please message me with any custom orders or inquiries.

I am looking forward to this new journey. Bare with me as I continue to learn and grow.