I would consider myself a “crazy cat lady”. My love for cats has grown since I came to know our two kitties, Indy and Bucky. I didn’t grow up with pets because my mom was “allergic”. I came to find out later that she just didn’t want pets because they shed. LOL, Thanks Mom! When I got married to Shah he already had Indy for about a year. She was a rescue cat he received from a classmate who found her hiding under her porch. The name Indy came from the fact that she was a rescue from the streets of Indy (Indianapolis). From the moment I met Indy, I fell in love with her and she couldn’t stop following me around. Each morning and every night we had our own special routine. We took her on road trips and everyone who met her said she was the most well behaved kitty.

About a year after having princess Indy, we decided to get her a little sister. This was pretty unexpected actually. We just happen to be driving by the Humane Society of Indianapolis and stopped to see if they had kittens to look at (something we did frequently for fun). We did not expect to take one home that day. INSTANTLY, and I mean like within seconds of finding Bucky, Shah wanted to take her out of the cage, He held her and from that moment he was SOLD! Bucky curled up and started purring near his chest. The employee at the Humane Society came over and told us she had never seen the cat connect with someone at that level. Bucky had actually been in an isolated cage because she was hissing at all the other kittens. We thought, if she was having trouble with the other cats, she would never get adopted because others might consider her hostile. She fell asleep in Shah’s arms and we knew when she would wake up, we wanted her to wake up in our home. We signed the paperwork and took her home.

Introducing our cats to EACH OTHER

Prior to introducing our cats to one another, I researched a lot of tips and tricks. Indy, especially, had not really been around other cats (as far as we know), so I was nervous for her. When we brought Bucky home, we took her directly to our spare bedroom. We set up food, water, litter, and toys in one isolated room. For the first few days we would transfer two blankets with each cats scent to the other cat. This allowed them to smell each other and realize that there was another cat present in the same vicinity. Next we allowed them to stick their paws under the crack of the door to feel for each other. After about a week of bringing Bucky home, we gave them a “supervised visit”. We allowed them to physically see one other. At first it was stressful because both cats hissed or had a staring contest (a serious cat fight was about to go down if we had left them alone!). However, after about 5 or 6 supervised visits, we finally felt comfortable to let them be in a room alone. I was always rushing home from class or work to make sure the cats were doing okay. Periodically, they would fight but mostly it was Bucky chasing around Indy. This was great exercise for Indy who our vet said needed to lose a few pounds ;).

Fast forward 3 years, Indy (age 7) and Bucky (age 3), are getting along great! They don’t necessarily cuddle with each other, but they do play and have their daily routine. Both cats are indoor only cats but we do allow them to go out on our screened balcony. This is their favorite spot in the house! The sisters are best of friends and I can’t imagine it another other way. My advice to anyone who is thinking about getting a second cat, is DO IT! YOU WON’T REGRET IT. It will be a struggle at first, but power through because the reward is far better than you can imagine! Cats are fascinating creatures. They communicate using their body language and one of my favorite pastimes is watching them interact from afar. My dream is to have a cat sanctuary some day because my love for cats grows each time I meet a new furry friend. Although, I do love dogs, I would consider myself a CRAZY cat lady for sure.

Below are some pictures of Indy (calico) and Bucky (tortoiseshell).