Back at It

Hey Fashionistas! I AM BACK! I took a break from the blog. I apologize for not giving any sort of notice. Life just got busy and crazy.

I wanted to share some major life updates:

  1. We were fortunate enough to visit London, Paris, and Istanbul!! Our first stop, London, was incredible! We planned this trip around family and were able to visit Shah's cousins in the UK. This was my first time in the UK and they showed us an amazing time. I loved London. I was worried about rainy, gloomy weather but miraculously, the week we visited, it barely rained. We were able to learn so much history and eat so much good food. Aside from our families delicious cooking, fish and chips and Nando's Chicken were our favorite meals! After London we took the EuroStar to Paris. The view from our Air BnB was the Eiffel Tower! It felt amazing being so close and seeing the tower sparkle at the top of each hour. We loved the landmarks and macaroons in Paris! We were lucky enough to climb to the tops of both the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triumph, which btw had breathtaking views. Although we both studied Spanish, we picked up some French! Lastly, we visited Istanbul! We LOVED Turkey and are already planning a trip back. Everything about Istanbul was amazing. The people, the food, the historic sites, and especially the cats all made our experience so memorable! Our hotel was in the new city and every morning we would take the tram into the old city to explore the historic and religious sites. In the evenings, we would come back to the new city for dinner and shopping. Turkey has so much to offer and we appreciated the unique blend between eastern and western cultures! Here is a compilation of photos from our trip. Check out the travel diary I created here.

  1. Shah graduated school! My goodness is this a HUGE milestone in his academic career. All of our family came into town and we are so grateful for their presence during his graduation. We had such an eventful weekend and it had been so long since we were all under the same roof!

  1. 2018 was a year of graduations. My sister, Iffat, graduated undergrad. We are so proud of her and we know she will make an amazing leader. Iffat, who BTW also started a blog, has a bright future ahead and I am so excited for her newest chapter!

  1. We moved to Texas!! Shah and I packed up our things and hauled down to Houston. This has been a huge transition but we are loving it so far! We experienced an unbearably hot and humid summer. Being from the Midwest, we aren't use to so much sun. We love the weekends at the beach. Also, can I just say that the diversity among the community and the abundance of Zabiha Halal food options is INCREDIBLE!?! It can be overwhelming at times when we have to pick dinner options (but it's a good problem to have!). Most of Ramadan this year, we went out for ifthar and tried new restaurants. It has been awesome and I will be sure to update y'all! (After all, I am a true Texan now ;) )

  1. I mentioned ifthar above. If you are not familiar, ifthar is the meal that Muslims break their fast with during the holy month of Ramadan. We fast from sunrise to sunset. This year we moved to Texas right before the start of Ramadan. So we spent the entire month of Ramadan in a new city, working to slowly move in and furnish our home. (man was it tough to move, unpack and get new furniture, without food or water!) We also visited the mosque almost each night. (Lucky for us, there are over 100 mosques in Houston). We picked a mosque close by with a large population of young adults. We made friends quickly through the community and are so grateful. We had a very blessed month and were able to spend Eid-al-Fithr (the holiday that marks the end of Ramadan) with my family. It was a busy time but we had so much fun and I am excited for their next trip to Texas.

So these are the things you missed over the last few months! I will try to be better about updating you as events happen! Family is everything to me and I hope to be able to share my next journey with you all soon! Stay tuned!!




Life is a Highway!

Hey Fashionistas!

This past weekend we went to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan! My husband is a car fanatic and loves seeing the new models each year. This was not our first rodeo to Michigan, but this was our first experience at the auto show and let me tell you it was AWESOME! :)

When we first arrived, Shah was like a child at the carnival! He was sooooo happy and giddy and had no idea where to start. The whole show took us around 4 hours to walk through. They had every type of car and it was slightly overwhelming but in the end, we found our dream cars and got to see so many luxury lines!

In terms of fashion, I wore my black booties from Forever21 and man my feet hurt after walking around for 4 hours!! The shoes were probably not a good idea but they were too cute to pass up!

Quick fashion tip, if you don't know what to wear, dress in all black and dress up your outfit with accessories! I used my hijab for a pop of floral and paired it with a long carmel blazer/jacket. Super simple but very elegant :)

For the rest of the outfit see the listing below :)


Long Jacket-Boohoo

Black shirt-Ann Taylor

Black leather leggings-Target


Accessories- Kate Spade (Purse), Lauren Conrad (Necklace), Fossil (Watch)

Winter in the South!

Hey Fashionistas! It's been a while since my last post, I've been busy with life and the end of the year, so I apologize! I want to wish you all a Happy New Year! I'm excited to see what 2018 has in store for me! One of my new year resolutions is to post more content on my blog! If you have suggestions or ideas on what to post please let me know.

To wrap up 2017, I was lucky enough to travel to Florida with my husband for a much needed vacation. We visited family and friends in Tampa and also had the chance to go to Universal Studios!! This was my first ever time in Florida and boy did I have fun!!!

You may think we are crazy for driving from Indianapolis to Tampa but we had a great road trip because we got a chance to stop in Atlanta and Birmingham to visit family.

Below are some pictures from our trip! Outfit details are linked below :)

Beach Outfit:

Hijab: Tj Maxx

Top: BooHoo

Leggings: Tj Maxx

Coca-Cola Outfit:

Hijab: Heart Hijab

Jacket: Calvin Klein

Jeans: American Eagle

Shoes: Forever21

Purse: Kate Spade New York

Universal Studios Outfit:

Hijab: Old Navy

Shirt: Ann Taylor Petite

Jacket: Forever21 Denim

Pants: J. Crew Gigi

Shoes: Sperry's

Backpack: Bebe

Late Night Golf

Hey Fashionistas! Tonight's post is from my first experience at Top Golf! It's an indoor/outdoor driving range! They opened recently in our hometown so a group of us went to show off our skills!

Since it's mid December here in Indy, it's freezing! Luckily the seating was heated even though it was partly outdoors. I also kept warm with my comfy grey oversized cardigan! My shoes probably weren't ideal for golfing but they were cute so who cares right! ;) I coordinated my shoes with the maroon stripes on my shirt. My purse had pops of green and white so it helped tie in the holiday colors!

Anyways it turns out I'm actually decent at golf! First place was tied and I came in second! Woo woo!

PC. My good friend Laila :) thanks for awkwardly taking my picture as everyone stared!

Outfit details:

Top-Carson's (Studio Works), cardigan-Forever21

Bottoms- Kohl's (some brand called Tinsel

Shoes- DSW

Hijab-Heart Hijab

Accessories-Kate Spade New York

Summer in Seattle

Hey Fashionistas! These are some throwback pictures (taken by my husband) from our trip to Seattle this past summer! By no means am I a professional, I really just enjoy the hobby of modeling and photography. I hope you enjoy these pictures! Be sure to check out the outfit details below :)

I loveeee the bell sleeves of this shirt. Paired with my round sunglasses, I think I was giving off a 70's hippies vibe! It also helped that we were in one of the most progressive cities in the country! I paired this outfit with a long caramel colored vest and brown sandals with a short thick heel. Last but not least, I paired this outfit with a crisp white hijab to match my shirt and fun medium washed ripped jeans.

One tip I like to suggest from any fellow hijabis out there, is if you are going to be wearing ripped jeans to a) cut out patches from an old pair of leggings and use fabric glue to fix them to the inside lining, or b) layer up a pair of thin leggings underneath the rips so your skin doesn't peak through! Some ripped jeans I have come across, already have the built in patches, so try to look for that!

We also were very fortunate to visit Mt. Rainier! The views were breath taking and we loved every minute of peace and quite. We hiked a total of 12 miles, which is a lot of both of us! My comfy outfit entailed basic black sweat pants and sweatshirt from H&M. I wore black Nikeโ€™s and had a green utility jacket on from Forever21.

Also can I just add that we got to see the cast of Greyโ€™s Anatomy!?! They were filming a scene in Seattle and we ACCIDENTALLY stumbled upon them! How lucky am I?! I literally screamed when I saw Meredith Grey AND aLEX kAREV. Sadly, I did not get a picture since they were still so far away :(

Outfit details:

Top- Forever21, cardigan vest- BooHoo

Jeans- American Eagle Outfitters

Shoes- TJ Maxx

Hijab- plain white hijab from House of Haya

Accessories- sunglasses from Aldo, purse-Louis Vuitton

Fall Vibes

Hey Fashionistas! These are some of my fall favorites! I love an all black look with a pop of color! In this case, my maroon bag and maroon hijab tie the outfit together. My black peacoat has been an amazing addition to my wardrobe. I always reach for it when I want to take an ordinary outfit to a whole new level. Pointy shoes have been in style for quite a while now, so when I found these pointy booties I had to have them!

Note for my fellow hijabis: if you look closely, you can see small pom-poms on my scarf! This style is so in for the fall. I bought the hijab from but you could easily DIY this yourself with some pom-pom trimmings from the craft store! I always am on the hunt for coupons I can use at my local craft store to buy things like fun trimmings! Next time I find some, I will share a easy DIY hijab accessory tutorial :)

Photo Credit: my beautiful cousin Farhana :)


Outfit details:

Jacket-Macy's (Brand: Laundry)

Bottom-J. Crew Gigi pants

Booties- Forever21

Hijab- Heart Hijab

Accessories- sunglasses-Aldo, bag-Michael Kors