About me

Welcome to Izzy Bee Busy, my name is Ismat! My friends call me Izzy or IzzyB. I am in my 20’s and live in Houston, TX, My hubby’s name is Shah and we have two cuddly cats named Indy and Bucky. In the little free time we get, Shah and I enjoy traveling and spending time with our family and friends (and our cats…. can you tell I am obsessed with them?). Making fun memories has always been important to me. I love to take photos and videos to create travel videos of our trips.

I started this blog with the support of my family and friends in 2017. Since then, I have been writing and posting on and off, However, I am making it a 2019 goal to post weekly. I have always wanted an outlet for content that interested me. Particularly hijabi/modest fashion. Growing up in a Muslim household, I didn’t always have access to affordable modest fashion. I had a hard time finding outfits because all the cute clothing I saw in the stores, did not necessary fit my modest style. It wasn’t until my early college career where I started finding ways to incorporate American fashion into my style.

I also am passionate about cooking, particularly using the Instant Pot. Ever since I received the Instant Pot, I have been so excited about cooking! I keep it out on my counter and use it multiple times a week. I will be sure to link below recipes I try and even post some of my more creative endeavors.

I mentioned that we have two cats. Indy (calico) and Bucky (tortoiseshell). They complete our little family (for now ;)) and we love them so much. Each cat has a different personality and it is interesting to observe them interact. We rescued them both in Indianapolis. Indy (named after Indianapolis) is turning 7 and Bucky (ON WISCONSIN!) will be 3 soon. I have a love for animals, particularly kitties. I wanted to make this blog centered around animals in addition to fashion and food. Stay tuned :)

That’s all about me for now! Feel free to check out my FAQS and message me to learn more.



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